About Your Photography Session

baby photography

Portrait sessions usually last between one to two hours and kept very relaxed. Newborn sessions may last a little longer. I will only begin shooting after I have chatted to you about your photographic needs and only when I have spent time getting to know you and your child.  My focus is that everyone feels comfortable and is at ease.

Your session will never be rushed and your child will never be placed into a position or pose that would make you may feel uncomfortable with. It is important that they are just themselves. Please feel free to have any snacks that your child may need, along with taking as many breaks as needed to allow for feeding, outfit changes and play.


My studio is currently being renovated, therefore the session will take place at your home or at a location of your choice.  If you're not sure which location to use, I am happy to recommend one of Perth's many beautiful parks, rivers, or even an urban setting. As Perth has harsh lightening conditions, outdoor sessions are best scheduled in the early morning or late afternoon. When booking your appointment, please take into consideration your child's sleeping and feeding times, as all children are at their best when they are well rested and have a full tummy.

What to wear - "Keep it simple"

Simple clothing will give your portraits a timeless feel and keep the focus on the child's face. I would recommend parents wear dark colours, as these are the most figure-flattering especially if you are feeling uncomfortable after the birth of your baby. I would also suggest little girls to wear simple dresses and a good choice for boys is jeans. Clothing to avoid for your session may include bold stripes, obvious patterns and large logo's of any kind - try to keep the clothing similar in colour, tone and style. If there is a special outfit or a family airloom that you would like to bring along, please do. It is also advisable that you have several outfits on hand, that way I can help you choose an outfit that will photograph best.

After Your Session

Your portrait preview appointment will be scheduled for approximately three weeks after your session. During this appointment I will discuss with you the best way to display your images in your home, and answer any questions you may have regarding albums, enlargements and other products. I recommend that you come to your ordering appointment with some ideas in mind of how and where you would like to display your portraits. Feel free to bring along any photos of the room were the images will be displayed or wall measurements as these can be very helpful when choosing the perfect print! Please plan to make all of your purchasing decisions at your preview appointment - as I am not able to provide printed proofs or contact sheets for you to take home. Therefore, it is very important that everyone who is involved in making the final purchasing decisions are present. Please note, due to the custom nature of my work, all sales are final and payment must be made at the time that your order is placed.